Folktek Artists

Folktek began with the collaborative efforts of Arius Blaze and Ben Houston in 2004, though Arius Blaze had been making sound art/synth art instruments professionally for eight years by that time. Including the work of Big Pauper, we have an accumulative 25 years as professional artists. We are entirely self taught and self motivated and offer what we can as utilitarian works of art that can further enhance the art of others. Our sound and athetic is unusual and extends from a deep seeded past around the era of the great Tesla and projected into the future.

Living in the future we have at our fingertips millions of things laid to waste and these are the things we will oftentimes use to develop our work. We work with whatever is around us so long as we find quality in it, from the ugly trash heap of civilization, to create something meaningful and beautiful. It is a remix of the past and a remix of the furture placed properly in the present. Enjoy the work and expect much more.