Transient Moon Family

The "Transient" family was originally an expansion on the moon family but the basis was so similar. Each of these devices has 2 sections - internal synth, and effects with many controls for each. The ability to cross synthesize opens an entire new realm of sound - where the internal synth triggers the effects section to generate waveforms beyond either's normal capabilities. Both sections become individual synthesizers. The Transient works are a vast source of soundscapes, but also occasionally chaotic, loud. Very enjoyable to play and completely amazing strictly as effects units. I considered them extremely expansive photo theremins of sorts - where one can control so many parameters at once (effects, pitch, levels, alterations) that it seems to create a matrix field above the eyes.

The moon family was a series of works all based around the concept of making an extremely vast photo theremin of sorts...Where most photo theremins generally control a set of parameters that alter a waveform, these pieces have vast optical control over a field of strange sound. Often one could control basically every parameter possible all at once and get some crazy sound juice flowing.

The works here were created by Arius Blaze and are not currently in production.

There are some missing from these pages - if you happen to own one not represented here please send photos.