Instruments Set For Sail

Thank you for your consideration of Folktek – we hope you enjoy the work. The works below are either ready to ship, pre-order, deposit only or finished to order (please read descriptions carefully).

In an effort to show the world respect, we refuse to fall into the trap of creating/manufacturing/producing in excess so our work is limited to a certain number of pieces per year. If/when we sell out, they will be available again the following year provided we choose to continue with the business of Folktek. Currently many of these works are in their last run and will be discontinued once they are all sold.

Our work and our business runs like a home cooked meal rather than a fast food restaurant: we're often slower than you would like. We deal with many requests and have plenty to do. If you can't be patient with us, please do not order from us.

We offer a broad 1 year warranty on all works and beyond that time frame we are generally willing to repair anything that needs it. The warranty does not cover damage done due to misuse, abuse or neglect. We are not an electronics store and so we do not offer refunds but will repair or replace things as needed. Be certain the work you’re buying is something you’d like to have and feel free to ask questions.

We accept Paypal, Money Order, usually accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, XMY, STRAT, ADA, TRX, XMR, DASH and others.

If you use the cart feature on multiple products and find that the shipping is unreasonable, not to worry; we'll be calculating actual shipping costs and sending you a partial refund if you've paid in excess.

If you’re interested in being put on our mailing list to be informed of anything new, please contact us.