Box of Secrets

Photo of Box of Secrets

Box of Secrets by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 08-03-2005

This piece entitled "the box of Secrets" is a culmination of years of work. Every button, every switch is hand designed. Utilizing Arius Blaze's former work as a silver smith and blending it with my current work as an instrument designer. The piece is housed in a very fine old hard wood box with removable lid. It is based on two sections - one is an expanded version of the "insectan" style of works, the other is a digital delay. The Insectan section creates the most unusual and sweet drones and noise with interspersed rhythmic oddities. This running into the delay is a very rich sound. The delay has a good sample time and range and can be altered to add tons of texture to the incoming sound from the Insectan section. The switch array section can be used as a patchbay with supplied patch lugs (not pictured) for even more combination - of the ten points present, any one can be connected to any other - basically adding hundreds of possibilities for delay textures and synthesis.