Luminist Garden

Photo of Luminist Garden

Luminist Garden by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 01-24-2010

This model of garden is no longer available. It has been replaced by the expanded version: "Resonant Garden".

The Luminist Garden created by Arius Blaze - one of the finest and sweetest sounding folktek works. This work is an expanded version of the Micro Garden, capable of making lush choral waves and entire compositions as a standalone work. The expanded soundboard has multiple pick ups that run into the delay - which offers time settings from extremely tight notated repeats to about 1.5 seconds with near infinite undecaying feedback that essentially acts as a looper allowing one to make beats by tapping the board and plucking or rubbing the strings.

The delay runs into a very lush and unusual "wave reverb" that has the ability to act more as a wave generator, creating waves that can endlessly extend - based on the original note but with the ability to pitch shift the feedback, resulting in something like what is called "convolution". The result is rich electronic music from an accoustic source. Sweet ambience and micro musical. Stereo out, custom lamps and switch, runs on 9v DC power adapter (standard plug jack and power rating).


As many people have emailed regarding the difference between the micro garden and the luminist garden, I thought I'd clear that up here;

The Luminist is capable of everything the Micro is, however, aside from being a bit longer in size there are the following additions on the Luminist;

* larger soundboard with more spouts of wire and multiple pickups

* an added circuit I call the "wave reverb" which has the ability to be extremely dense and create choral waves. It adds pitch shifting and reverb simultaneously and has controls for feedback, pitch, depth and tone

* dual lamps

* two 1/4" outputs (for stereo power)


I will supply a US power supply if you live in the US and can supply an EU version by request. One will not be shipped with the garden if it's not asked for. The psu is quite standard and will not be difficult to find.



Audio Samples

audio clip 2 = medium quality mp3

audio clip 1 = medium quality mp3

audio clip 3 = medium quality mp3


straight luminist garden video 1

straight luminist garden video 2

straight luminist garden video 3

three luminist gardens together video 1

three luminist gardens together video 2

three luminist gardens together video 3