Magnatron Tape Echo

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Magnatron Tape Echo by Arius Blaze, Ben Houston.

Release date: 06-09-2007

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Folktek was recently contacted by Reed Ghazala who claimed that in fact, he was the originator of this concept. While we were unaware of his creation of this idea and feel that we came to the conclusion independantly, all credit goes to Reed. He is apparently the owner of this idea. Credit where it's due.


This is a play off the original Magnatron Arius Blaze created years ago - in an attempt to capture some of the art bypassed by technology. This one's a collaborative work by Ben and Arius. The Magnatron is an instrument that allows a person to play magnetic tape by hand. The provided stylus is rubbed across the tape field to create a sound similar to that of scratching records but with it's own unique character. The tape head here runs through a very nice delay with three time settings and huge feedback control. The result is something that allows the player to create bits of sound with great subtlety (very movie soundtrack) or textures with mad DJ Krush style delay scratching. This unit includes extra tape fields - or a person can make their own easily using any sounds you'd like(we'll provide simple instructions). The tape echo runs on batteries, has two indicator lamps and an included stylus. Here are a few samples = these were three cuts from a 7 or 8 minute recording...Straight, no edits, no external effects. Magna tape echo 1 Magna tape echo 2 Magna tape echo 3 Here are samples of the original magnatron: magna1 magna2



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