Photo of Fusion

Fusion by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 07-07-2019

This will be available for pre-order on our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.Keep an eye out in summer 2019.

Shown here in gold. This will also be available in copper.

Fusion is a mixer that acts as any four channel VCA but it also allows one to seemlessly fade 2-4 audio signals on a single control and even do it with cv. Touch-based selector allows the selection of 2, 3 or 4 inputs to be fused with the fusion control and sent to a single "mix" output. Touch-based selector over direction determines whether the fader/ moves clockwise or counter-clockwise in accordance with an incoming voltage signal. Applying sequenced voltage to fusion allows one to jump between incoming signals - basically creating a triggerable 4 track. 

Other than that it's a straight forward and clean mixer with 4 inputs with controls over input level (with andio and peak indication lights), 4 independent outputs with cv control, single output with level control (and audio and peak indication lights, mix output for the fused signal.



- 4x independent Input levels with audio and peak indication

- 4x independent Output levels with cv

- touch-based direction switch

- touch-based fusion selection (2-4)

- fusion control with cv

- output level control

- light indication for all modes and controls

Ins and Outs

Ins and Outs

- 4x input

- 4x output

- 4x output cv control

- sum out with audio and peak indication

- mix out for fusion mix

- cv over fusion



- includes mounting hardware and power connection in a beautiful folktek box.

+ 12v = xma

-12v = xma

+5v = xma

width = 16HP

1" depth (skiff friendly)