Photo of Listen

Listen by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 01-30-2018


Note that the face of Listen is available in Gold or Copper (see images). Copper will oxidize over time and after being touched, Gold will not. Let us know which you'd like when you check out (you should be able to add a note in paypal when making payment).

A simple module which offers two individual mic amplifiers with 3.5mm input, 3.5mm output and level control with power light. Use this to amplify mics, contact mics or boost lower level signals. Pairing with Synesthesia adds a new level of tactility and performance.


- Accepts low level signal and amplifies them to 5v peak to peak eurorack standard audio output. 


to be updated asap

ma +12v

0 ma -12v

0 ma 5v

4HP width

25mm depth

view on modular grid: