Photo of Sift

Sift by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 07-09-2019

This will be available for pre-order on our upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Keep an eye out in summer 2019. Sift is included in the large and small complete "Anthesis X, Y and Z" systems which will be available at the same time.

Shown here in gold. This will also be available in copper.

Sift is a multi-mode low pass filter. There are five modes selectable with touch-based switching which change the character - normal, noise cv integration on the cutoff, square wave replication at the input, extreme resonance overdrive and all modes combined. The gain control hits 100% at 12 o'clock and beyond that will completely crush an incoming signal while maintaining a balanced output level to turn the filter into a distortion.

We've included a vactrol on the output which, when plugged, cuts the output signal and only allows the signal to pass when it receives a voltage signal (trigger, gate, cv). This adds great character to the sound as it rings out the way only a vactrol does. This can also be used as a VCA when the filter is used as a sine wave oscillator.

Attenuable cv with light indication over all controls.



- vactrol cuts output signal

- frequency, resonance and gain controls all with CV

- touch based selection between 5 different modes (gate control over switching)


Ins and Outs

Ins and Outs

- audio in and out

- cv over all controls

- cv/gate V+ input for vactrol



- includes mounting hardware and power connection in a beautiful folktek box.

+ 12v = xma

-12v = xma

+5v = xma

width = 10HP

1" depth (skiff friendly)