Feed Scape

Photo of Feed Scape

Feed Scape by Arius Blaze, Ben Houston.

Release date: 11-11-2008

The Feed Scape is a Arius Blaze and Ben Houston collaborative work.

The Feed Scape is a polyphonic touch based synthesizer which relies almost exclusively on feedback. The feedback, therefore, determines the range of decay which can result in straight synth tones or in longer decay mode, can result in exteremely odd modulation that is ever changing. The "keys" can be played to determine the attack and sustain in conjunction with any of the five primary touch points. There are several modes to allow for various effects over the oscillators which are highly unusual, anything from underwater tonality to odd modulation and LFO. The noise section is outstanding and can be used to provide subtle bursts, backdrop texture or all out insanity. This work creates a vast field of variations on noise and can be mixed with any of te primary notes to expand on the initial depth of pressing one noise key. There are two time modes, from very tight to about two seconds of decay. The latter allowingto actually create verses which repeat into a decaying and ever-changing eternity. there are additionally controls for effect mode light or hard and level. The internal amp has an on/off switch and the piece runs on a 9v battery so t is fully portable. Also has 1/4" output and onboard lighting. A very unusual piece, perfect for textural synthesis and NOISE. one of one.