Harmonic Field ver.2

Photo of Harmonic Field ver.2

Harmonic Field ver.2 by Arius Blaze, Ben Houston.

Release date: 02-04-2010

The second version of one of our favorite works here at the folktek labs, this one steeped in greater possibility - still almost entirely touch based. We've added a 12 part key section to control the key of the touch plates and a very nasty filter to either grime up, liquify or subdue the sound. For more info on the original (version 2 is capable of everything the original is), see the original Harmonic Field pages for more info.

Aside from basic controls for pitch, volume and activation - it is all touch based. There are four panels of twelve points each that allow the user to play a full range of notes and alter those sounds with an entire amp section.

The amp section controls filtering, resonance, distortion, bass boosting, noise etc. - abundant variations depending on which points are being touched together and how hard or soft.

It comes down to massaging the boards and creating dronescapes. After one has a feel for the various points, the most subtle movement will effect the waves.

We also consider this piece a two-player instrument = one person sitting across from another controlling two boards while the person on the other side controls the others.

Waves can be made to be soft and lush harmonics or turned to disturbing waves - the sound can be melodic and beautiful or tense and uneasy.

The piece has a constant soft drone of all notes when it's on - regardless of whether or not it's being touched - which we consider to be a part of it's character and intention.

The original Harmonic Field has a built in speaker that turns off when jacked into a mixer - ver. 2 does not. The box was handcrafted with fine hardwood and all of the panels were designed by us as well.

this is a play at your own risk instrument...Though very subtle, the Harmonic Field provides a slight charge to the player...We've been playing it for weeks and have found it energizing.




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