Materia Breakout

Photo of Materia Breakout

Materia Breakout by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 11-08-2014

The Materia breakout box is only for sale to people who also own Materia.

Simply put, the breakout places all points of the Mentalis patchbay and turns them to banana jacks and allows further external manipulation from external CV and other folktek works (as well as future additions to this expanding body). Additionally, an 1/8" input allows external audio to be sent directly into the circuitry and 2 patchable knobs are added for further control.

These are connected from breadboard to breadboard externally with connector wires by the user. Everything needed to connect the two are included. Mounting nuts and bolts are installed on Materia as well as the breakout and are bolted together by the user using the 45 degree bracket included with the breakout.

Gold, solderless Banana plugs are included as well as a length of cloth covered wire. Patch cables are assembled by the user and again, no soldering is necessary.

Videos will be made to explian how to make patch cables, how to connect the brackets and how to connect the breadboards.