Modified omnichord om-84

Photo of Modified omnichord om-84

Modified omnichord om-84 by Ben Houston.

Release date: 07-16-2009

Price: $1450 to $1500

Waiting period: 1 to 3 weeks

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Dive into luscious soundscapes with the tips of your fingers. The intuative Folktek Modified Omnichord OM-84 is analogue touch synthesis heaven. Explore micro touch variation and the swelling hypnotic sound. Create a dynamic score or find solace in the healing sounds. 

Modified omnichord system two(om-84) Touch synthisizer. This piece features 60+ touch points allowing you to produce rich and complex tones, drones, harmonies, filtering and distortion. Multiple tones/notes can be played at one time to create thick and complex tonal harmonies.

The hand etched copper clad section on top features 3 rows of twelve notes including ,mid,bass and grimey tones. The Bottom copper clad section features 12 sonorous chord tones as well as 10 amp points that in combination with any note section creates distortion, warble, noise, grime, noise and leval/bass boost.

Omnichord functions regularly when no touch points are activated. This unit only runs on a 12v adaptor as the battery compartement has been utilized to house the modifications. Includes basic manual of the mods. Case subject to availability.