Folktek Omnichord OM-27

Photo of Folktek Omnichord OM-27

Folktek Omnichord OM-27 by Ben Houston.

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Modified omnichord OM-27. This Special edition work is my most heavily modified Omnichord to date. In this piece I have delved evan deeper into the circuitry and controls to create a highly intuative and unique musical insrument. The modifications include, two hand etched copper clad sections with 64+ touch points. These points are played simply by touch to create rich drones and grimey layered tonal harmonies. The bottom etched plate includes 3 rows of twelve copper button tones including bass tones, mid tones and sonerous tones that slowely become richer as you hold them. The upper section includes 12 grimey tones , 3 pitch bends, 9 amp points for filtering, noise, bass boost, etc and 4 effects pads that create distorted modulation and decay that effect the strum plate as well as the touch points.. Numerous combinations of points make this instument a very versatile sound pallate that is as subtle as it is complex. Multiple tones can be layed together to create rich sonic scapes. Because of the nature of the touch points each one is sensative to soft or hard play and a good range of volume/effect can be dynamically played to a excellent degree. Other features include a pitch knob that can bring the pitch to a stuttering low or extra high and a volume knob for the tones section to better synch the volume with other aspects of this device. This unit only runs on a 12v adaptor as the battery compartement has been utilized to house the modifications.