Subharmonic Field

Photo of Subharmonic Field

Subharmonic Field by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 05-05-2008

The Subharmonic Field is a smaller version of the Harmonic Field. This work has an obviously different sound with an emphasis on drone and noise whereas the harmonic field is a much more "harmonic" polyphonic work.

The touch points control filtering, resonance, distortion, bass boosting, noise and rhythmic alterations including some variations that play chaotic melody - abundant variations depending on which points are being touched together and how hard or soft. It comes down to massaging the boards and creating dronescapes.

After one has a feel for the various points, the most subtle movement will effect the waves. In addition there is a natural decay associated with the primary waveform. In terms of noise this piece is capable of being extrordinarily destructive, though this function is optional. Radio can be recieved and fed into the OSC..

The box was handcrafted with fine hardwood and the panel is etched. It has a 1/4" output, the lamp glows white and includes controls for pitch and volume.

Sound samples were recorded in somewhat faulty conditions. However, that said, they are here to hear, recorded and unedited so bare with me. The last is especially nice. If I were to put one on an album that would be it and I would call it "One Flew Over the Subharmonic Field". These recordings are uneffected, just straight, then encoded at medium quality - there's much more to be done, it's a very interesting piece - for more reference, you may consider searching for this piece on youtube - one buyer in particular posted an abundance of videos