Found Object Dub

Photo of Found Object Dub

Found Object Dub by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 08-11-2004

An older delay-based work.

from the archive;

"Found Object Dub is a very strange optically controllable analog delay taken completely out of the context of what a delay is meant to be. Out of this world dub feedback and noise generation makes it capable of creating vast thick atmospheric swells and drones This unit is first and foremost an audio/visual art piece - made to hang on the wall and have the pedal hang down to the floor for activating the effect (though it can be used as table-top). The 2 probes are permanent attachments. The pedal can be unplugged, and though any trigger pedal will work, this vintage "print" pedal is meant to accompany the Found Object. Both control panels are original - the top is a pen and ink abstract version of the bottom circuit diagram...Both panels are coated in resin and dirtied up in as many ways as possible to give it a very aged appearance. All parts are vintage, unusual and high quality. The top panel will light red to indicate "on". Optic eyes can control either delay time, feedback or both. Each has a switch...The feedback is insane if you want it to be - true dub saturation - and the delay eye controls a wide range. As an effects processor it is best used as a saturation tool, but is a little noisy on the slow end and should certainly be considered an experimenter's atmospheric box. The Found Object also has main controls for time, feedback and effect level. It is activated using the pedal...There are four patch ports and 2 main probes that allow for alterations in the primary process (odd effects/noise and atmospheric feedback generation). On-off switch, 1/4" input and 1/4" output. Runs on one 9v battery. This piece is not meant to be a typical delay by any means. It is an ambient-dub feedback generator designed more for atmospherics and tonal structuring than for adding a little blip blip blip to your sounds Found Object is modular and can be connected to any synth I create with the same style plugs. I have made several modular pieces in the past but I intend to make the majority of all future creations patchable and playable with each other. This piece is signed by the artist - Arius Blaze - and includes a small manual."