Gold Keys

Photo of Gold Keys

Gold Keys by Ben Houston.

Release date: 10-13-2009

The Gold Keys. The Golden keys is originally a folktek work designed to fuqup incoming signals in strange ways - this work was done by Ben Houston solo.

Based around a tech time-stretching delay and incorporating eight keys that each granulate ina number of ways either individually or in combination. There is a also a sample switch and button and bits and pieces can be added to the sample duration and further fuqt with... In addition there is a magnetic-patchbay for direct connections or for patching the keys in. This piece is a stereo unit and includes two 1/4" inputs and two 1/4" outputs. Sounds For the entirety of these recordings we use a simple beat. Mp3's are encoded in medium quality and mono In the beginning of this first mp3 the beat is played uneffected for one round and then we go through each variation of patched effect keys individually. Sample 2 adds a bassline so you can hear the effects on bass/synth - the frequency response as it pertains to the modulated effects can be incredible. Sample 3 covers some of the more crazy time stretching in the beginning and then moves into random sampling using the add sample feature, adding bits and pieces of that same beat and then effecting them.