Golden Keys

Photo of Golden Keys

Golden Keys by Arius Blaze, Ben Houston.

Release date: 08-01-2007

The Golden Keys is a Arius Blaze and Ben Houston collaborative work designed to fuqup incoming signals in a strange ways. Based around a tech time-stretching delay and incorporating nine keys that each granulate in a number of ways either individually or in combination. There is a also a sample switch and button and bits and pieces can be added to the sample duration and further fuqt with... In addition we've added a patchbay with 1/8" jacks for direct connections or for routing to external sequencers etc. This piece is a stereo unit and includes two 1/4" inputs and two 1/4" outputs. It is built into a beatiful antique box with removable lid = we designed the panels and cut and shaped each key. Here we have a sound clip, A willie Nelson song run through the golden keys exclusively.