Scape Sequencer

Photo of Scape Sequencer

Scape Sequencer by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 08-04-2009

The Scape Sequencer created by Arius Blaze, was originally designed as an accompaniment to the time machine or any of its close cousins, ie. the Time Scape, however, it is made to work with any piece of gear that has a point to point patchbay including any of the patchable folktek works. It gives entirely new dimension to everything we've tried it out with. Playability is simple - there are two "mains" to control respectively, parts 1-4 and parts 5-8 of the whole 8 part step sequencing - these are patched to any points on the main patchbay, then parts 1-8, any or all of them, are patched to alternate points on the patchbay making switches as the step proceeds.

In addition, parts can be added with the "add step" button, so intead of having one part proceed step by step, any number of parts can be addedcreating a matrix effects and connecting multiple points at once and in succesion. Parts can then be subtracted as desired using the "subtract step" button. Furthermore, all parts can be erased at once or the step can be paused with the push of a button. There is a time knob and a swing knob to control timing variation. The lamp section is custom, the low profile and small hardwood box is custom and all of the buttons are handmade.




scape sequencer + midi chord

scape sequencer + bug/insect

scape sequencer+ bug/insect

time scape + scape sequencer part 1

time scape + scape sequencer part 2

An Arius Blaze multitrack collage with the time scape and scape sequencer