Time Machine (original)

Photo of Time Machine (original)

Time Machine (original) by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 08-16-2006

Here is the original time machine - extended from other works in the time family by Arius Blaze. An incredible and compact piece.

from the archive;

The Time Machine is an "on the fly" remix machine. 6 patchable keys determine timing change ups and odd granular effects of either a sampled sound (from extremely tight to up to about 8 seconds) or a direct incoming signal. Time is selectable between 3 ranges to allow for more range on the timing knob. This is a digital piece with a very warm sound and very analog characteristics. A sample can be slowed to grumbles or sped up a great deal. Patches can be made directly point to point or each of the keys can have an assigned effect. The result is high and simple playability. There is also an assignable knob that allows you to dial in two effects end to end and a white noise generator that can be filtered and effected. This allows for the possibility of using the work as a standalone piece. The time machine has all standard controls - mix, feedback, level controls, sample on, delay on, 1/4" input, 1/4" output, trigger jack (to allow for sampling with a foot pedal), and a 9v battery plug.