Time Machine ver.4

Photo of Time Machine ver.4

Time Machine ver.4 by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 02-04-2011

A different style of Time Machine (though similar in nature to the time scape and collaborative time machines) made for processing sound or as a standalone sound generator synth with magnetic patchbay/touchboard (for touch based synthesis), patchable keys and thousands of possibilities from the subtle to the extreme. Check out the others in the time machine/time scape realm to get an idea of what this piece is capable of.

The keys on this piece are patchable - each patch altering the incoming sound with ring modulation, stuttering, granulation and other strange effects. The time range is selectable from extremely tight to roughly 2 seconds, degrading in quality to slower times.

Samples can be captured, added to and manipulated in hundreds of ways and this time machine features modulation that the other time machines don't. The time machine can also be used strictly as a deep analog delay with dub feedback or set the time to extremely tight and use it as a flange - throw splashed of ring modulation or granulation in the way and it becomes something much more unusual. This piece also has a control voltage jack as well, allowing you to play times on a keyboard, for example.

shipping is free in the US, $30 worldwide