Time Scape Sequencer (TSS)

Photo of Time Scape Sequencer (TSS)

Time Scape Sequencer (TSS) by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 09-29-2008

The Time Scape Sequencer is essentially at it's root the Time Scape but with the added feature of a patchable eight part sequencer. The sequencer is routable to sample and delay alterations to any part of the sequence for literally thousands of possibilities of everything from granulation to stutter effects and rearranging of the original loop, to a broad range of modulation types and granulation. Playing multiple parts in the sequence creates a matrix effect which brings multiple points together simultaneously, further broadening the range of possibility. It's simple to use but the effects and possibilities are endless.

patchable keys determine timing change ups and odd granular effects of either a sampled sound (from extremely tight to up to about 5.5 seconds - closer to the later the grimier the signal gets) or a direct incoming signal. Time is selectable between 3 ranges to allow for more range on the timing knob. This is a digital piece with a very warm sound and very analog characteristics. A sample can be slowed to grumbles or sped up a great deal. Patches are magnetic - a thing we at folktek came up with so there is no need for plugging - you simply set your patch plug on whatever point you like. Patches can be made directly point to point or each of the keys can have an assigned effect. The result is high and simple playability. The time machine has all standard controls - mix, feedback, time one and two, level controls, sample on, delay on, 1/4" input, 1/4" output, and a 9v battery plug.