Wave-Front Inverter

Photo of Wave-Front Inverter

Wave-Front Inverter by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 10-06-2004

The Wave-Front Inverter is housed in an old all bakelite case with leather handle and removable lid. The control panel was designed to reflect the style - complete with 20 point patchbay w/ blue-ended cloth covered patch cables, 6 chrome control knobs, 4 selector switches, sample and effect pushbuttons, five 1/4" jacks = input, output, sample trigger, effect trigger, power...The panel is all black and all controls and jacks are clearly labeled in a classy old style (no standard lettering/labeling). The size is very compact = approx. 6"x6"x4" with the lid on

There are four MP3 sound samples below. These were taken from a 38 minute recording of me playing the Inverter. They represent many possibilities - but there are many more not represented here. The original recording being altered is a cassette recording of a friend and I playing piano at the pub - so there is a bit of noise in the original recording - nothing that I thought was too much to be of use for these recordings. On one of the tracks I simply laid a beat over top - you'll know when you hear it. Some of the samples sound overloaded but this was completely a result of converting a stereo recording (2 tracks) into mono (1 track). The MP3's are medium quality to save space - each is around 4 minutes: Wave Front Inverter 1 Wave Front Inverter 2 Wave Front Inverter 3 Wave Front Inverter 4 The device has standard controls for input level, output level, mix, feedback and time...Also two seperate time selection methods plus more on the patchbay for quick time alteration. It also has effect and sample/loop buttons for activating the delay and setting loops and capturing/playing samples...The feedback has the ability to go beyond it's limits and the time control has a very wide range. The sound is very fat and liquid - high quality and something of a digital/analog hybrid - where the feedback and time sounds very analog, but there are many digital sounding effects.

The 20 point patchbay brings about thousands of possible combinations to introduce a vast assortment of strange effects to alter incoming signals or effect a loop or sample. Ring mods, phases, distortions and many electric and yet un-named effects. Drones are easliy generated and can be constantly altered in new ways and solid waveforms can be activated..

This piece included patch cables and accessories and a manual with patch sheet.