Innerspacial Navigator

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Innerspacial Navigator by Arius Blaze.

Release date: N/A

Another of the moon units - starting to explore new switch concepts and design methods.

from the archive;

Eight buttons control any of 8 primary waves. A wave can be locked and altered using any of 4 main switches, 2 effect knobs (pitch and odd resonance). Two optic eyes each control effects depending on shadows and light (pitch and odd-modulation)-each has switch and both are very sensitive. Six touch contacts act as very sensitive human resistors. Touching any 2 or more will create different effects at different levels (just like using a knob). Of course touching any combination up to six is like turning up to six knobs at once.

There are approx. 25 different combinations for effects.The effects section consists of stereo rca audio in and two main buttons. This device will shift the pitch of any incoming audio 3 steps in either direction and has a low-tech vocoder section. The pitch shifting is very quality and it's a good effect for giving beats or other sounds character.

The internal synth can also be sent into the effects section to greatly alter the internal synth sounds and allow for thick tonal atmospherics. This device is equipped with a trigger in jack. Sending any audio sound source with a beat in (drummachine/sampler via 1/4" jack) will synchronize the modulation to be perfectly in tempo with any midi device. Also equipped with volume control, on/off, 9v battery operation, stereo rca out.

The physical Housed in a vintage cloth covered quality wood box. All high quality parts and mostly vintage. The control panel is an original pen and ink on ancient brail paper -coated in resin. The eyes are housed in a dome I also created that's filled with wierd microscopic parts, gears, veins etc. and the dome glows red. This piece is signed and includes a small manual.